Some Fun and Easy Recipes For Kids

My daughter is the proverbial social butterfly, and one of her favorite things to do is have slumber parties with all of her friends over on weekends. They do all sorts of things, including creating culinary concoctions that I have had the misfortune of stumbling upon the next morning! Because of this, my wife has become an expert at creating easy recipes for kids that are also fun to make. These recipes give my daughter and her friends the opportunity to create something and enjoy the reward!

One of the easy recipes for kids that I can always expect to be utilized whenever my daughter has a slumber party is that for rice crispy treats. Almost everyone likes them, and they are very simple to make. We always make sure that we have them on hand so that when they get the munchies, my wife can go in there and make them for the girls and let them help with the cooking. They feel so special when they do it, and they always make enough for everyone, which is what I like.

Another one of the easy recipes for kids that I am often treated to are pizza boats. We will go to the store ahead of time and buy Mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, pizza sauce, olives, and so and so forth, along with a loaf of French bread. They will then cut the bread into slices and spread the pizza sauce on top, sprinkling Mozzarella cheese on top and adding all of the additional toppings. I have to admit that these are actually pretty good, and the girls all know that I like them, so they will bring me extra.

There are many easy recipes for kids that are available to young people, and one that my daughter and all of her friends love is S’mores. They love everything about the process of it, from roasting the marshmallows, to melting it over the chocolate, to smashing down between the graham crackers and then, of course, eating them. Most of the girls are content with one or two, but I always ask if anyone is making an extra S’more to make me one, and invariably, I will get four or five of them.

Easy recipes for kids are not hard to find, and they can also be fun! My wife has found a number of them for our daughter and her friends, and a big part of the fun is letting the girls help make everything. I suspect that it is something that we will be doing for a long time, and as long as I am the beneficiary, I am just fine with that!